Passing the ball in basketball: types, passing technique, how to catch the ball

Who and for what was punished more seriously than Gonzalo Jara in the match Chile – Uruguay.

In the quarterfinal match of America’s Cup-2015 Hara stuck a finger in Edinson Cavani’s anus. The referee, who was facing the Uruguayan, did not see the reason for the forward’s signal and presented Edinson with a second yellow card. The Chileans moved on, and Hara was disqualified. Just three matches.

How to kick the ball correctly in football

You admire the punches of Leo Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar, but think that you can never do that? Now is the time to change everything. EN will show you the types of shots on the ball, and also tell you how they need to be applied correctly.

Striking Technique

Imagine that the ball is stationary and you just need to hit it. Even before you hit, you must imagine which leg you are hitting. After you have decided which foot you will hit, you need to stand a few meters behind the ball and about a meter to the side of it in order to scatter. At the moment of over-hitting, you need to place your supporting leg in such a way that it is a little to the side of the ball. And at this time, your kicking leg swings back, simultaneously bending at the knee. And then she abruptly flies forward, now bending back. In this case, the ball should be exactly in front of your foot. At the same time, if you are kicking with the right foot, the left hand should be extended to the side and slightly back to maintain balance.

Now let’s talk a little about what kicks are in football.

Cheek kick

It is also called a blow from the inside of the foot. It is thrown in the same place that is usually passed. These shots are slightly inferior in strength to other varieties, but superior in terms of accuracy.

Climbing shot

Climbing in football, the central part of the foot is called. The difference in the technique of execution is that at the moment of straightening the kicking leg, you pull the toe down so that the area of ​​contact of the foot with the ball is as large as possible. This technique is used in flying shots when the ball is in the air. Lifting strikes are slightly inferior to the cheek in accuracy, but they are the strongest in the entire arsenal of football players.

Swedish strike

The so-called strike with the outside of the foot. Its essence lies in the fact that before touching the ball, turn your foot slightly inward so that the contact with the spotted foot falls on the outside. This blow is quite difficult to execute. Among the others, it stands out for its often rather unpredictable trajectory of the ball’s flight after contact with the kicking foot.

Hanging kick

The main way to apply corners and some free throws. A similar technique is used by goalkeepers and defenders to knock the ball away from their goal over the heads of opponents. To get the ball up, you have to hit the bottom. In this case, it will fly higher than the previously mentioned types of blows.


Now, after we have dealt with the basic types of shots for turns, let’s talk about one very useful trick, having mastered which, you can consider yourself a real master. This is a ball spin. It can be both internal and external.

Internal spinning is done as follows. The takeoff run should be the same as for a normal hit. At the moment of the hit itself, hit the ball with the place where the thumb begins, after which it will seem to roll back a little and fly the trajectory you set. After the shot, do not stop the leg, but continue to move it. If you are left-handed, then your kick should come slightly below and to the left of the center of the ball, and if you are right-handed – then from below and to the right, respectively. The outer twist is performed by a Swede. The differences in the technique of execution are that the support leg should be placed here a little further than the ball. After completing the strike, as in the case with the internal twist, you seem to follow the striking leg along the movement of the ball, turning the foot inward.

Just reading this material, of course, you will not immediately learn how to hit like Roberto Carlos or Cristiano Ronaldo. As with any element of football skill, it requires constant practice. So, take the ball, call your friends on the nearest field and train!

Ricardo Ferreira is 50 years old

In November last year, the 28-year-old player of the club “Portugal”, playing in the fourth division of the Swiss championship, went down in history, having received a 50-year suspension for attacking a referee. Ferreira, who remained in reserve, after a lost match of his team, approached the referee and punched him in the face several times. After that, the Portuguese grabbed a couple of water bottles and started pouring the contents over the referee. Representation of the authorities of Swiss football appreciated the incontinence of Ricardo, who had previously been punished with a 45-game ban, in 50 years of excommunication from football.

Basketball: how it appeared

The date of basketball creation is December 21, 1891 of the year . Springfield college physical education teacher James Naismith wondered how to get students to exercise that day. Suddenly he got an idea: to hook two baskets on the balconies of the gym and offer a game. The guys had to throw as many balls as possible. The new game hooked them, and now it is played by millions around the world.

The basketball did not exist yet , and the teacher did not know which shell would be better. Among the options, two football versions appeared: for rugby and for soccer. The first is designed in an elongated shape for easy carrying. The rules of the new game forbade this, so James took the round ball.

At first in basketball, you could either pass or move the ball along the ground. Dribbling was first used by basketball players at Yale University in 1897. Until 1909, under control it was allowed to make only one blow to the floor . In the 1903-1915s, players could not throw if they had previously dribbled the ball.

At first, basketball was played with soccer balls . The first basketball court appeared in the mid-1890s. The latest version was not perfectly flat, round and had a dark brown color with lacing, which made dribbling difficult.

Performing the transfer

Before you can learn how to scroll, sweep, you should master the technique of transferring. It’s pretty simple and straightforward. You just need to adhere to the following recommendations:

  1. Ankle brace required. Thus, it will be possible to ensure immobility, rigidity of the foot during contact with the ball. It is imperative that the movement of the projectile is controlled. To this end, you need to stretch your fingers up and thus fix the ankle. When the kick is being taken, the toes are pointing down.
  2. The transfer is made with the inside of the foot, it is forbidden to kick with the toe. The wider part must be used to make an accurate shot. True, he will not be very strong.
  3. The position of the leg, which acts as a support, matters. It must be turned so that part of the foot is facing the projectile. It depends on the supporting leg where the ball ends up. For example, if it needs to be directed straight, then the foot looks forward.

Only when the ankle is securely fixed, the soccer ball does not spin. If it is not possible to provide sufficient rigidity, the projectile rolls chaotically.

Transfer can be performed on the ground and with lifting into the air. In the first case, the movement of the foot is made as close as possible to the ball. To make a short pass, the height should not exceed half a meter. It is not necessary to raise the foot too high. It is also worth paying attention to the rotation of the projectile. It should rotate in the direction of transmission. If the rotation is inward, you should fix the ankle or move the limb along a different trajectory.

Kicking the ball in case of a pass through the air should be different. The body must be tilted back, and the leg is fully extended. Thus, it is possible to achieve a high lift of the ball after touching. The foot in this situation is closer to the ground than when performing a pass without lifting the projectile into the air.

Men are turned on by the silhouette of a woman wagging her hips

Why does the weaker sex beat men on the spot? It would seem that the answer is obvious: a pretty face, a lush bust, round buttocks and long legs. However, researchers who study women like guinea pigs consider this arsenal to be of secondary importance.

Where the more powerful impact, in their opinion, is not the detail, but the silhouette. And the way a woman presents herself. Which leaves hope that men will like those who are naturally deprived of appetizing forms.

Where is the sexiest part of the body

– Few would call the waist the sexiest part of the body, says Professor Devendra SINGH from University of Texas. – But in fact, it is she who attracts men in the first place.

The professor came to such an unexpected conclusion after analyzing world literature over several centuries – 345 thousand works by different authors. They convinced me: the only feature that made hearts beat faster from generation to generation was a slender, that is, thin waist. And not the chest, hips, buttocks separately.

– A man in love generally sees only the ratio of the waist and hips, – Singh explains, – he hardly notices other details. She quickly recognizes the silhouette of her beloved woman from dozens of others. At the same time, the brain reacts to it much more actively even than to the face.

The scientist tested the role of the female silhouette in male perception experimentally: he sat several dozen men at computers and gave them the opportunity to “correct” the female figures appearing on the monitor to most attractive from their point of view. Relatively thin waists prevailed in almost all “final” versions. And on average, their size was about 70 percent of the width of the hips and 75 percent of the volume of the chest. Thus, the professor once again dispelled the myth about the attractiveness of skinny fashion models – “hangers”, as they are sometimes called by the people. Men, it turns out, are susceptible to other forms.

“Many modern women exhaust themselves with diets to lose weight,” Singh says, “but are their bodies getting the right shape? Maybe we should go back to the fashion of the Victorian era, when ladies preferred corsets to diets?

Look in the eyes!

Let’s say two women are standing. One has a charming figure, but not a very attractive face. The other has the opposite. Which one will a man choose? Rather the first. That on an everyday level confirms the conclusions of scientists about the magical action of seductive forms. But, it turns out, and the second can increase their chances, knowing little secrets. British scientists came to such a discovery.

Dr. Knut KAMPE from the University of London advises ladies to take care of their face – though not their main, but very effective weapon. Even if not so much, it still excites the same areas in the male brain as the figure – an area called the abdominal striatum, from which feelings of joy and satisfaction emanate.

At the request of the scientist, the volunteers looked at photographs of women , exposing them to the beauty of the assessment. Evaluated not only from the usual notions, but also by “inner charm.”

Here’s what it turned out: the faces you liked really excited the abdominal striatum. But on one condition – if the face in the portrait looked directly at the subject, creating the illusion of contact.

CONCLUSION: if you want to be liked, look the victim in the eyes. Researchers from the University of Aberdeen also recommend smiling.

How to use the waist correctly?

Dr. Kerry Johnson of New York University and Dr. Louis TASSINARI of the University of Texas say: ladies “sand watches “can enhance the striking effect, and the owners of not the thinnest waists can compensate for their lack. A small trick is enough, which anyone can master.

– The main thing is to show yourself, – say the scientists and explain that the figure should make smooth movements of the hips. That is, wiggle them with the maximum possible amplitude.

The experimenters asked the subjects to rate the attractiveness of the walking women, the animated images of which were shown to them. And they showed only images of shadows – silhouettes. It turned out that the highest marks were given to the figures that intensively wagged their hips. And the volunteers did not consider the same, but “modest” in gait beautiful.

Whom to look up to? Dr. Johnson gives vivid examples of curvy women with a seductive gait – Marilyn Monroe, Jennifer Lopez and singer Beyonce Knowles.

Smiles can be distributed right and left. And be sure to try to get them. Tests have shown that our perception is influenced by the amount of attention people receive. Men, for example, called women more attra

ctive if they were shown pictures in which these women were smiling … other men.

– Sitting, for example, in a bar or doing fitness in a gym, it makes sense to be nice to everyone, – says the author of the study Ben JONES, – because if people around you smile, it makes you more attractive.

And laughter “finishes off” the victim of seduction. It is proved by Allan REIS from Stanford University in California: a woman can be seduced with wit, and a man can be seduced by laughing at his jokes.

– Men prefer women to whom they themselves seem witty, – says the scientist. And it refers to the same abdominal striatum, which is excited by the sight of female fun.

Is a woman a drug?

Interesting, but a part of the brain that is so greedy for attractiveness, smiles and laughter responds and for our addictions. For example, alcohol or gambling. Therefore, the weaker sex acts like a drug. And very quickly – in a matter of seconds. Silhouette, gait, face, return look, smile … And the man is ready. Intoxicated.

– The effectiveness of this process is provided by a special neural network formed in the distant past, says Dr. Kampe. “In other words, our brains are wired to perceive and react to beauty. And as a result, enter into a very specific state.

– The evolutionary meaning of attractiveness was and is that it indicates strength, health and fertility, Singh agrees. – In the old days, a specific reaction helped very quickly establish suitable connections in a society of their own kind, facilitated the right choice.

Now, scientists believe, attractiveness still acts the same – at the subconscious level it awakens instincts, activates the “ancient” site brain.

Our distant ancestors absolutely did not know that a thin waist indicates an increased content in the body of the “feminine” sex hormone estrogen, which reduces the thickness of abdominal fat deposits, giving the silhouette the shape of an hourglass, and the face – cuteness and sexuality … But they “sensed” it. And most modern men don’t know. But they react.

A brief history of a beautiful butt. A booty, in contrast to which the waist looks thin and attractive, has come a long evolutionary way. And now it remains the only part of the female body that can be changed for the better, not surgically, but naturally. At least that’s what Dennis BRUMBLE of the University of Utah and Daniel LIEBERMAN of Harvard say, who announced their discovery in the scientific journal Nature.

From a low start.

Ape-like ancestors of man once sat in trees, and if they went down from time to time, they crawled on all fours. Like babies or mowgli. But about 6 million years ago, they got off for a long time, stood on two legs and walked – almost vertically, only from time to time helping themselves with their still long arms. It was then that the evolution of the priests began. After all, what was in this place earlier turned out to be of little use for movement “on foot.” And quite unattractive.

– Look at the monkey, – says Dr. Bramble. – Does she have an ass? One name – there are no buttocks at all. For them to develop, you only need to use two legs. But at the same time, it is not enough just to walk, you need to run.

Running turned the monkey into a slender and attractive woman with a thin waist – scientists make a sensational conclusion. And they clarify: long-distance running.

Scientists examined the fossil remains, which preserved traces of muscles and tendons, and determined: our ancestors ran about 2 million years ago. Which led to all further evolution. And not only gluteus, as experts-anatomists scientifically call the ass.

– The woman’s arms were shortened, but her legs, on the contrary, lengthened. The pelvis and gluteal muscles have increased, explains Daniel Lieberman. – They had to be developed in order to maintain balance when running when the body leans forward. After all, running is a “controlled fall” process. Here the priest, in fact, began to control him, while noticeably decorating the woman herself. She had a waist, which visually became thinner as the pelvis and its inherent muscles developed.

Run yourself, then they will run after you. It is clear why representatives of the Negroid race, as a rule, have outstanding priests – after all, civilization was born in Africa. They began to run and, therefore, develop in an appropriate place there earlier. Blacks still run better than others.

Alas, now the evolution of the priests has stopped. And threatens to turn back. At least for those who do not make any attempts to resist, they use the place created by nature exclusively for running, not for its intended purpose. They mostly sit. We must run. And also swim, squat and bend over to become more beautiful in the eyes of men and not spoil the appearance of future generations with flat monkey priests. And a set of exercises developing buttocks will be easily and willingly selected by instructors of fitness centers.

Technique of hitting the ball

To figure out how to do it right to kick the ball in football, simple instructions will help. It boils down to performing such simple actions:

  1. 3-4 steps are taken back. A very long run is not needed, otherwise hitting hard and definitely will not work.
  2. Ankle fixation is performed. It is extremely important to remember that it is the limb t
  3. hat provokes the movement of the projectile. Accordingly, it must be fixed, rigidly fixed. Otherwise, the ball will not be hit correctly.
  4. The top of the foot, the laces on the boot, is being kicked. You cannot hit with your toe, otherwise the trajectory of the projectile will turn out to be unpredictable, and accuracy is extremely important in football. The limb must bend a little, and the fingers stretch to the ground. Don’t try to hit too hard, it’s much more important to keep an eye on the ball itself.
  5. Your pivot foot should be pointed in the direction the ball should go.
  6. Make sure your toes are pointing down If the impact is strong, both feet may come off the surface. To gain strength and speed, one is retracted. In the case of a long pass, a small jump is made after the hit.
  7. The tilt of the body deserves special attention, the result directly depends on it. The more the body deflects back, the higher the projectile will rise. If the body does not bend at all, the ball will fly mid-level or roll on the ground. The fact that the reception was correct is indicated by the lack of rotation.
  8. Landing is carried out on the working foot. In addition, you need to jump a small height or slightly move forward. The head does not rise at the same time.

With strict adherence to the hitting technique, the blow is accurate and strong.