Crossfit workouts for beginner girls

Тренировки по кроссфиту

We won’t spend a lot of time talking about what CrossFit is. You can read this in a separate article – we recommend!

Crossfit has a number of unique benefits:

  • variability and variety of exercises avoids repetitive monotonous workouts;
  • no compulsory attendance at specialized halls is required for classes;
  • regular exercise improves overall health;
  • CrossFit is a great slimming tool for girls;
  • muscle building is under constant control, which eliminates the threat of the effect of a “pumped” figure.

The last factor is especially important for the fair sex, who does not want to acquire a masculine physique.

CrossFit components and their capabilities

CrossFit is based on three types of loads: gymnastic (exercise with your own weight), weightlifting (exercise with free weight) and aerobic (cardio).

About gymnastics

Gymnastics includes all the well-known types of bodyweight exercises: pull-ups, jumps, push-ups, work on bars, rings and uneven bars.

Gymnastic components work out all muscle groups, help to develop coordination. Therefore, experienced athletes recommend not excluding these exercises from crossfit programs for beginners.


About weightlifting

Weightlifting includes exercises with additional weights, which makes crossfit similar to strength sports. But here weights are considered as a subsequent stage after working with your own weight.

The advantage of these exercises is the concentration of the load on different parts of the body. You can choose movements for the development of certain parts of the body and thereby form the ideal proportions of the figure. But, of course, there are basic exercises for several muscle groups at the same time – which is the same deadlift.

About cardio

Aerobic exercise has a lower intensity, but lasts longer than gymnastic and athletic, and the oxidation of glucose in the muscles is due to oxygen. This is mainly cardio training – running, swimming, rowing, aimed at developing endurance.

Aerobic training improves the functioning of the heart, blood vessels, lungs, helps to normalize hormonal levels.