Weight training arms

Программа тренировок для рук на массу

Increasing muscle volume is a top priority for aspiring bodybuilders. Particularly great attention is paid to biceps and triceps, which are pumped in the first place. It is the volumes of the muscles in the arms that demonstrate to others whether a person visits the gym or not. To build muscle mass in your arms, you need not only to exercise on simulators, but to select the most effective program. You should choose exactly those exercises that load the triceps and biceps the most, allow you to quickly progress and achieve your goals and objectives.

The proposed training program does not imply separation of classes with exercises for biceps and triceps, for which there is a rational explanation. The reason for training these muscle groups together is that they are opposite each other. Working out one antagonist leads to the restoration and increased blood flow, rich in nutrients, the second, that is, the opposite muscle. And if you train both biceps and triceps at once, you can achieve powerful pumping, which has a positive effect on muscle mass gain.

Effective exercises for pumping triceps and biceps

Тренировка рук на массу

The training program for gaining muscle mass in the arms, performed in the gym, is almost entirely based on basic exercises, but there are also several isolating ones. This allows you to deplete the muscle and achieve maximum pumping effect.

This complex is enough to completely deplete the muscle groups involved in the work. Basic exercises are performed first, and then the emphasis shifts to isolated movements. Such a training system is considered the most effective and efficient in the modern bodybuilding environment.

The training program is aimed at working out the antagonist muscles. Therefore, biceps and triceps are best pumped alternately. Performing all exercises first on one group and then on another group is less effective.

Weight training program for arms

To better understand how to pump biceps with triceps, you should adhere to the following sequence of exercises. So, the program is done according to the following scheme:

The first exercises are performed at the usual pace for many, but with the last beginners, it may not be clear. The final stage of training the given program involves the transition to super-sets. In other words, first do one set for biceps, and the next set for triceps. Then take a short break. After rest, the biceps-triceps ligament is repeated again. The presence of a super set at the end of the workout allows you to achieve a powerful pumping effect and lead the muscles to maximum depletion. Such sets should be used not every lesson, but periodically. Otherwise, the risk of overtraining increases.