What to eat for breakfast? Carbohydrates vs. proteins and fats

Benefits and harms

The high protein content affects the organs and performance of our body, and this effect can be both positive and and negative nature.

  • With rapid weight loss, muscles do not disappear anywhere, giving the figure an attractive relief;
  • a protein diet contains a sufficient proportion of nutrients and substances for the body did not feel their lack;
  • a protein diet shows a high result;
  • a wide variety of products;
  • a protein day is ideal for combining with high physical activity, without negative actions, including on the mental state;
  • the condition of the skin, teeth, nails and hair is improved.


  • The risk increases development of cardiovascular diseases;
  • for women, a protein day may be fraught with impaired reproductive system;
  • a high concentration of protein puts a heavy load on the liver and kidneys;
  • digestive problems may occur due to a lack of fiber;
  • the necessary balance of BJU is disrupted, which badly affects the intestinal microflora;
  • animal protein raises cholesterol levels.

White Protein Day

There is“ White Protein Day ”, a pure protein day to overcome stagnant weight and continue to lose those extra pounds.

“White protein day” is a fairly simple change on a typical protein day, where instead of the permitted foods, you eat foods that are very high in protein, such as low-fat dairy products, white fish, chicken, turkey and eggs protein along with your usual serving of oat bran.

You do not eat the rest of the foods and increase the time of your daily physical activity from 20-30 minutes to 60.

Protein fasting days will help activate metabolic processes.

If you are a protein the product chosen is meat, then the body will receive enough protein and iron. Cheese and curd fasting days will provide the body with calcium. Kefir will reduce the severity of allergic manifestations and activate digestion.

But with all the advantages, protein fasting days, and even more meat, are contraindicated for people with problems of the cardiovascular system and liver and kidney diseases.

The result will not be long in coming, especially if you combine diet with exercise, so it is ideal not only for women, but also for men. On this page of the site you will read about the experience, personal impressions and feelings of those who “sit” on a protein diet, you will find reviews about it. Consider several recipes for different protein dishes, the preparation of which does not take much time and money. A list of protein foods will help you correctly adjust your diet. A well-designed diet determines half of the success. They are therefore called proteins (from the Greek “protos” – the first), because they are the basis of the structure of every organ, every cell. Why should some of the protein in the daily diet be provided as animal protein? Meat is a source of animal proteins necessary for building cells, but it cannot be called an absolutely healthy product. Calorie table of staple meat foods. Most protein blends and ready-made shakes burn fat, and as a result – and extra pounds. The essence of this method of nutrition consists in changing the amount of proteins and carbohydrates consumed.

яблоки, спаржа, морковь, хлеб, клубника, апельсины, помидоры

Rules of conduct

In order for protein weight loss to give results immediately, certain recommendations should be followed:

    • only use foods from the permitted list;

    • include acceptable carbohydrates and fats at a specific time when they are not stored in extra pounds;
    • eat every day at exactly the same time;
    • protein portions should not more than 150 g, but you need to eat often;
    • have snacks as often as possible;
    • observe the drinking regime (at least 1.5 liters of still water daily);
    • try to keep the amount of salt in your meals to a minimum;
    • supplement your protein day with physical activity;
    • try to include more plant protein in your diet than animal protein.

Protein days can be spent no more than once a year. Only in this case they pass without harm to health. The maximum duration is 2 weeks. A short-term diet usually lasts 3-4 days, it also leads to weight loss in a minimum period.

You should pay atention to the correct way out of protein weight loss in order to consolidate the result and not create a stressful situation for the body. Familiar food should be introduced gradually – first add healthy carbohydrates (cereals, pasta, whole grain bread) to the diet, then vegetables and fruits, and lastly add fermented milk products. You also need to adhere to fractional meals and drink more water.

After a breakdown, you don’t need to despair, but you can return to the diet menu, taking into account all the recommendations.

How to burn fat right

To achieve the maximum effect, it is necessary to correctly calculate the carbohydrate and protein loads. Fortunately, nutritionists did it for us, it remains to fulfill their recommendations: 2 days of protein, 1 day of carbohydrates, 1 day of mixed meals. According to this scheme, a protein-carbohydrate diet for weight loss works one hundred percent, fat goes away gradually and irrevocably. Two days of protein is just enough to “scare” the body of the lack of carbohydrates. In one carbohydrate day and one mixed organism, it manages to “rejoice and calm down” in order to move to the accumulation of carbohydrates that are deficient due to protein days and burn fat specifically.

You don’t need to count calories and carbohydrates – eat as much as you want. But protein should enter the body intensively, about 2 grams per 1 kg of body weight. You can drink mineral and filtered water, juices, tea and even coffee (in moderation), only soda and alcohol are excluded.


Protein days full of amino acids and protein are not always beneficial. They contribute to weight loss in the event that there are no listed contraindications:

  • protein nutrition significantly reduces the level of calcium in the body, which can be critical for the elderly;
  • high protein content food negatively affects people suffering from kidney and liver diseases;
  • those who have serious stomach and intestinal problems should not be on such a diet.

куриное яйцо и измерительная лента

Pros of Protein Products

  • Installed that people who consume a lot of protein foods metabolize much faster than those who prefer carbohydrates.
  • There is no feeling of hunger, since protein is absorbed more slowly than fats and carbohydrates.
  • Maintains normal blood sugar levels. This means that a person does not experience sudden outbursts of hunger. Diseases related to the endocrine system, such as diabetes, are excluded.
  • Cost of protein products. Of course, veal and beef are not the cheapest options. But cottage cheese, kefir and eggs are quite inexpensive.

At the end of the article, we can say that protein fasting days not only contribute to weight loss, but also saturate the body with useful microelements, without which its vital activity is impossible.

What can you eat?

Products for cooking with protein weight loss should be taken from the recommended list:

  • lean meat: beef, rabbit, veal;
  • lean poultry: chicken, turkey;
  • lean fish: pink salmon, chum salmon, cod, hake, pollock, blue whiting, pike, flounder;
  • seafood: squid , shrimp, mussels, octopus;
  • vegetables: except for potatoes, beets;
  • mostly sour fruits: kiwi, orange, lemon, grapefruit, apples, pineapples;
  • mushrooms;
  • legumes: beans, lentils, chickpeas, soybeans;
  • low-fat dairy products: sour cream, kefir, fermented baked milk, milk, cottage cheese, bifidoc, cheese, yogurt – they should also be free of sugar and foreign additives ;
  • eggs;
  • unsweetened teas (green, black, herbal), coffee, still water.

сыр и виноград

Protein and vegetable menu for 7 days

Day of the weekBreakfastLunchDinnerSnacksMondayA glass of natural yogurt with herbsSoup with vegetables and veal + sandwich with cheese and tomatoesBoiled beef, cucumber and Chinese cabbage salad2 boiled eggs, 2 fresh cucumbersTuesdayRye bread sandwich with cottage cheese, fresh cucumber and basilCelery soup with chicken breast + boiled vegetablesCottage cheese with sour cream and herbsFresh cabbage and carrot salad, pieces of boiled in dykesWednesdaySandwich with cottage cheese, chicken fillet and fresh cucumberRabbit stewed in sour cream and vegetable stewSalad with fish, cucumbers and tomatoesSalad with fresh cabbage and carrots, chicken brothThursdayPiece of turkey, cucumberPollock cutlets and fresh carrot and cabbage saladGrilled vegetables, baked breastKefir , curd mousse with herbsFridayA glass of kefir and a sandwich with cheese and tomatoFish soup, salad with shrimps, arugula, tomatoesBaked zucchini, boiled turkeyFresh cucumber, 3 boiled eggsSaturdayBoiled egg and freshly squeezed vegetable juiceChicken breast with mushrooms and cheeseSteamed veal and sauerkraut saladFresh cabbage and carrot salad, pieces of boiled beefSundayHerb OmeletFish SoupGrilled Turkey, Eggplant StewCurd mousse, spinach


The effect of protein days is manifested primarily in immediate weight loss. A distinctive feature is that the relief of the muscles is preserved, they are outlined due to the reduction of fat mass. The combination of a protein diet with exercise gives an even more impressive result.

How much excess weight goes away?

According to the reviews of those who lose weight, a strict diet based on protein alone contributes to rapid weight loss – up to 9 kg per month. More gentle options also give a positive result – up to 5 kg per month.