Superset on the press

Круговая тренировка пресса

Monotony in the training process invariably leads to further inhibition of development. The body gets used to the same loads. Further progress can be achieved solely due to the shock of the muscles, but it becomes difficult to do this, so further growth in volumes begins to slow down. If you train on the same program for several months in a row, classes turn into a routine.

To diversify your workouts, there are several effective ways. Supersets help shock muscles well. This technique is a training of several exercises that are performed either without rest or with a twenty-second pause. In other words, it turns out that the athlete performs one exercise and then another, and then takes a short break. For example, when it is planned to perform ten approaches in a workout, five supersets are made as part of a superset.

Athletes use supersets to train various muscle groups, but they do not deserve to bypass the press. This is a rather serious omission, since conventional exercises become ineffective over the years of training. And in order to progress further, you need to add variety to your training program, which perfectly provides high-intensity repetitions.

Abs workout with supersets

Тренировка пресса суперсетами

There are many articles devoted to the benefits of supersets. therefore, every athlete, including beginners, already knows that after a certain period of time they must be included in their training program.

It is necessary to start a lesson with a warm-up. It consists of:

  • lifts on a Roman chair;
  • hyperextension.

Each exercise is done 2 sets with 10-15 repetitions in each.

After warming up the necessary muscle groups, they proceed directly to the exercises:

  • Twisting from a prone position, lifting legs in weight. Perform 3 sets of 10-15 repetitions. It is best to raise your legs on the uneven bars, it is good if they are with a back. Hanging on the horizontal bar can quickly become exhausted, which should not be allowed.
  • Side crunches and scissors . These exercises for the oblique muscle groups of the abdomen are done 2-3 sets with 10 repetitions each. It is necessary to perform scissors until a burning sensation, that is, until complete failure.

A super series of these exercises shocks the muscle groups of the press. Thanks to this, they receive a powerful impetus for further growth. To really shock the muscles, it is recommended to increase the load with each subsequent workout. Do two to three abdominal workouts weekly, but no more.

Circular press workout

Some athletes prefer not short supersets for the press, but one long one, which consists of four to eight exercises. Such a load leads to the complete depletion of muscle groups within a few minutes after execution. This workout is called a circuit workout.

A similar workout can consist of seven exercises performed one after the other with a break of 15 seconds (maximum). If one circle is not enough to feel complete exhaustion, you can do the next round. The break between individual cycles must be at least two minutes.

These exercises help to diversify your workouts and give your muscles the shocking boost they need. High-intensity repetition is great for athletic performance such as endurance and performance. For athletes, for whom absolutely every kilogram matters, it is often not recommended to resort to circuit training, for example, once a week is enough for amateurs.

Суперсет на пресс