What is CrossFit?

Definition, translation and types of training

CrossFit is a functional high-intensity training system based on elements of such disciplines as weightlifting, gymnastics, aerobics, kettlebell lifting, strongman exercises and other sports.

Crossfit is a competitive sport with tournaments all over the world, including in Russia. In addition, CrossFit is a trademark (brand) registered in the USA by Greg Glassman in 2000

English translation

Few even advanced athletes know how crossfit is translated:

  • Cross – cross / force or cross.
  • Fit – fitness.

That is, “forced fitness” – in other words, high-intensity or, according to another version, “crossed fitness” – that is, it has absorbed everything from fitness. This is the literal translation of the word crossfit.

Types of training

Today, as physical training, there are different types of crossfit, depending on the purpose: it is used in combat and security units, law enforcement agencies, fire departments, in self-defense courses, as a training set for sports teams. There are also specialized options with gentle programs for seniors, pregnant women and children.

Why crossfit is needed, how it can develop a person’s physical capabilities – we will talk about this further.

Тренировки по кроссфиту

What is CrossFit for?

CrossFit is primarily aimed at increasing the strength and endurance of the body. CrossFit Inc., characterizing this sport, defines it as constantly varying functional movements performed with high intensity in different time intervals . This is a set of exercises, lasting a total of 15 to 60 minutes, which most often includes several different physical exercises at once for the use of different muscle groups. This is what CrossFit means in fitness – it is multidirectional self-improvement of body and willpower.

We will talk in more detail about what crossfit training is and what basic sets it includes. Its foundations include several basic sets – cardio exercises, gymnastic exercises and movements with free weights.

So what is CrossFit for? Of course, like any fitness area, it pursues the task of effectively building the human body, but unlike all others, it sets itself the goal of creating ideal athletes – the most physically prepared people on the planet. That is why the crossfit technique is actively used in combat sports, when training special power units, firefighters and other professional areas where physical training is at the forefront.

CrossFit is perfect for those who want to lose weight and tone their muscles, who want to maximize functionality, aerobic and strength endurance . If your goal is only muscle mass, it is better to choose classic workouts in the gym. In CrossFit, this is not the first goal, with regular training and good nutrition, you will, of course, gradually gain weight, but this progress will be noticeably less than with bodybuilding.

In addition, the undoubted advantages of CrossFit include:

  • A variety of activities will never let you get bored in your workout.
  • Group lessons are always positive and with little competition, which adds excitement and desire to do more and more.
  • You will become a universal soldier. You will be able to run 1 km, move weights, pull yourself up and still run a kilometer without much difficulty. Here you can come up with an alternative set of difficult trials in everyday life: stick wallpaper, run to the field, dig up potatoes, take a few bags of them home and, if the elevator is turned off, go up to the 9th floor.


  • High stress on the cardiovascular system. It is believed that CrossFit harms the heart. If you don’t follow your training and recovery regimen carefully, problems won’t be long in coming.
  • Like any sport involving free weights, CrossFit is traumatic. Due to its high intensity, it is perhaps much more traumatic than other similar types of fitness. It is important to follow the technique carefully, not to set unnecessary records and not be negligent in the exercise.
  • There is an unpleasant moment for maximalists. The versatility of CrossFit has its drawback – you will always bench less than a lifter, pull less than a gymnast, and run slower than a marathon runner. In each discipline, you will be a strong average.

If you still have doubts about whether CrossFit is good for your health, we recommend reading our material on this topic.

Method and mode of crossfit training

Next, we will tell you about the methodology and mode of training, dwelling in detail on the three main components of this sport: aerobics, gymnastics and weightlifting. What is each of them for?

Cardio (aerobics)

Aerobic exercise that is part of a CrossFit training regimen is also called Metabolic Conditioning. By developing with their help, the athlete improves the ability to work at low load power for a long time.

CrossFit cardio exercises help train the heart muscle and overall physical endurance. They are accompanied by an increase in the heartbeat, as well as an increase in heart rate and improved blood flow in the body. These include running, swimming, rowing, cycling, etc.

Thanks to a well-designed cardio program, the following happens:

  • Intensive fat burning and, as a result, weight loss. Of course, provided the correct diet. This is one of the main reasons why CrossFit workouts are so popular with those looking to lose weight.
  • A gradual increase in effective lung volume for easier access and processing of oxygen.
  • Strengthening the heart muscle, due to which blood flow improves, since a trained heart does not experience problems with the transport of blood through the vessels.
  • Combining cardio with other physical activities can reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes, diabetes, and stabilize blood pressure.
  • Metabolism improves: metabolism speeds up and you feel better.