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General tips for seducing the right way

Many guys don’t know how to seduce women properly, and fail in love. Do not be upset if you are one of them so far. Once you check out our tips, things change dramatically. So, how to act to seduce any woman:

  1. Fast. Do not slow down when you notice a beautiful lady on the horizon, who makes you have a burning desire to conquer her. If you constantly take a wait and see attitude, you run the risk of being ahead of another more determined man. Do not forget about the possible competition among your environment. Yes, and women love it when attention is drawn to their person immediately. “Who is the guy who waits for the weather from the sea for so long?” – they will think if you are slow.
  2. Original. Leave banal tackles like “your mother doesn’t need a son-in-law” in the past. Now women love to be surprised. To stand out from the rest of the gray mass, you don’t need to become a freak. Use something new in your arsenal. Take a closer look at the chosen one and find points of influence. Maybe she likes hot coffee of an unusual type in the morning or bright jewelry? This information is easy to use during courtship for a successful slide. Do not forget that in addition to original surprises, girls adore a good sense of humor among people of the opposite sex. It is always easy and joyful to be with a positive person. As soon as you learn to joke during communication, avoiding sharp topics and vulgarities, seducing any girl, even a neighbor, even a friend, will become much easier.
  3. Nice. Without pleasant phrases addressed to the lady you like, there is nowhere in her seduction. A good compliment just melts the girls like vanilla ice cream. A woman feels special when people talk about her beauty and grace. Confirm your words with a pleasant surprise: flowers or a box of perfume will help seduce the girl even faster. Speak like a gentleman, do not make comic statements like: “What a cool ass you have.” All you can count on after such highly intelligent compliments is a sour smile and going to the ban. Do not regret pleasant words, but do not go too far. Praise becomes boring if not interspersed with engaging conversation.
  4. Persistent. If you get rejected, don’t give up. It is possible that a woman is testing you for strength. Turn on your hunting instinct and try again. Your prey in the face of a seductive lady should understand that you will not give up on your goal. Women are rebellious, but for the time being. Acting otherwise, like an inexperienced youth, you risk being considered a failure and losing the opportunity to seduce a girl.
  5. Confident. Before seducing a woman, especially a mature woman, set yourself up for victory. Do not even think that she will not pay attention to you. Work out tactics by finding an individual approach. A note of doubt can confuse you at the most inopportune moment and disrupt the entire operation. A real man is always sure that he can easily seduce any beauty. Do not be afraid to be rejected, you have every chance of getting a sexy lady.

It is quite easy to charm a girl if you are easy-going, have a sense of tact and have at least a little understanding of the female nature. Be yourself, don’t pretend to be Casanova, and you will be able to charm any beauty.


Actually, historically, it so happened that it is more common for a girl to remain in the shadows on the battlefield of love acquaintances. But we men (not all, really) know that in 80% of dating a woman decides whether a man approaches her or not.

Passive role when meeting a guy in the gym

This behavior pattern is more familiar to the female community, as for public reasons, and for instinctive reasons. The fact is that all men are primarily males and we do not value too easy prey. The passive female role when meeting a man in the gym includes a whole series of tricks and tricks.

Peep game

A great trick that works in most cases. And even if you decide to choose an active method of acquaintance, it is necessary to establish eye contact before embarking on active actions. Shoot your eyes in the direction of the young man you like.

Just do not overdo it, when your eyes meet, pretend to be a sly smile and immediately look away. I assure you, if you are even a little interesting to the chosen guy, he will certainly seek eye contact with you over and over again. The peep game is a very subtle game. If you are too active in her, the effect may be the opposite of expectations.

A stranger may stop being interesting to a guy if she shows her interest too actively.

Sexual exercises in front of him

This technique works great as a logical continuation of the previous one. After you first establish visual contact, follow with your peripheral vision (and in every self-respecting room there are mirrors on the walls for this purpose) for his reaction. When the victim of your seduction begins to periodically cast a glance in your direction, then the time will come to do the most sexual exercises, such as:

– Romanian deadlift;

– raising legs, standing on all fours;

– squats with a wide stance;

– barbell / dumbbell deadlift;

– barbell bends;

– flexion legs in the simulator (lying down).

Perform these exercises with low weights, your task is to make them as sexy as possible.

Do the exercises knowingly wrong

This technique will work, if the guy you like:

a) has already shown his interest in you;

b) the fucking jock has training experience that easily guessed by his figure.

The correct and logical action of any adequate man in such a situation is to come up and point out mistakes to you. Just don’t wait for him to run across the hall to quickly get to know you to prompt mistakes. No matter how it is. Do your deliberately wrong exercises somewhere next to a potential beau.

Stroke yourself

Use body language to signal your boyfriend’s intentions to a potential lover. Play on his instincts. When you are sure that he is now looking at you (you can use mirrors or place an agent network all over the room), perform an erotic stroking of the neck, chest, thighs or quadriceps (front of the leg). Carefully smooth the neck, exposing the wrists. Run your hand through your hair from the forehead to the back of the head.

Just do it naturally, otherwise he will get the impression that you are not all right with your health